To enhance expertise in children's books as vehicles for disrupting prejudice and discrimination

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Winston Churchill Trust


School of Education


Adam, H. (2022). To enhance expertise in children's books as vehicles for disrupting prejudice and discrimination. Winston Churchill Trust.


My eight-week Churchill Fellowship focused on expanding expertise on culturally diverse children's literature as a means to create more inclusive classrooms and to combat prejudice and discrimination.

I travelled through the United States and the United Kingdom, meeting with international experts in culturally responsive education and the importance of diverse children’s books for equity and educational transformation. I met with numerous scholars involved in Initial Teacher Education, visited classrooms, visited not-for-profit organisations and explored educational policies and practices.

I identified critical inter-related issues relating to poverty, diversity and equitable access, as well as opportunities and challenges in and to education. I hope my findings and recommendations will make an informed contribution to the goals of a better, fairer and more equitable education for all children.

My report is intended for a wide audience including state and federal ministers in related portfolios of education, early childhood, and social services; those in education policy and curriculum; Initial Teacher Educators; preservice and in-service educators; school and public librarians and other library staff members; principals and school administrators; philanthropic organisations; and all those in wider society who care about equitable, quality education for all young Australians.

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