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Edith Cowan University


Security Research Institute / School of Education / School of Science


The work has been supported by the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre Limited whose activities are partially funded by the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme.


Johnson, N. F., Ibrahim, A., Sikos, L., & McKee, M. (2023). Going beyond: Cyber security curriculum in Western Australian primary and secondary schools. Final report. Report for the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre and the Office of Digital Government, WA.


There is no doubt cyber security is of national interest given the rife nature of cyber crime and the alarming increase of victims who have endured identify theft, fraud and scams. Curriculum within K-12 schools tends to be fixed and any modifications are subject to extensive consultation within a prolonged review cycle. Therefore, this report has gone beyond curriculum to explore the potential of national awareness campaigns and dynamic digital cyber security licences as alternative possibilities for instigation. The role of leaders in various school sectors and systems is critical for a successful roll out. This final report culminates from a ten-month project involving the mapping of national (Australian) and Western Australian (WA) curriculum to identify cyber security content, knowledge, and skills, that is, where and if it is being taught. After the researchers released an interim report in late 2022, stakeholders were invited to read and respond to the report and its considerations. This final report includes a presentation of the findings collected during four stakeholder consultation workshops in December 2022...