Just transitions from fossil fuels to a regenerative and renewable future: Challenges and opportunities

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Achieving Net Zero


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Beardman, G., Godden, N., Nejati, M., Farrant, J. Y., Scoffern, L., Khan, J., . . . Morrison-Saunders, A. (2023). Just transitions from fossil fuels to a regenerative and renewable future: Challenges and opportunities. In D. Crowther & S. Seifi (Eds.), Achieving Net Zero (pp. 177-201). https://doi.org/10.1108/S2043-052320230000020008


Climate change is a global issue with far-reaching environmental, social and economic consequences. As more people become aware of these consequences, pressure is mounting on governments and businesses to implement ambitious and required climate mitigation and adaptation plans to reduce and finally stop making the climate crisis worse. One of these strategies is just transition, which is defined as the call for climate transformation that prioritises the social and environmental needs of workers and vulnerable groups, especially in the context of transitioning away from fossil fuels, while leaving no one behind. This chapter first provides an overview of just transition through a review of the literature and bibliometric analysis. Then, it discusses just transition in policymaking, comprising reactive, proactive and transformational just transition approaches. This is followed by a discussion on barriers to just transition. Finally, the chapter offers a practical example of transformational just transition approach by reporting some preliminary findings from a case study in the coal mining town of Collie on Wilman Boodja, Western Australia. © 2023 by Emerald Publishing Limited All rights of reproduction in any form reserved.



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