Personalized mobile health and fitness apps guidance model for students

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Journal of Commercial Biotechnology


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Zhou, J., Jung, J., Kueh, C., & Lin, Y. (2022). Personalized mobile health and fitness apps guidance model for students. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 27(5), 201-214.


Construction of scientific fitness app guidance model based on IoT technology for students is an innovation of the innovative educational reform. The fitness tracker-IoT system is basically a pedometer that can predict, analyze, and record data of human movement by using the principle of gravity. The system includes wearable devices and computing data storage. When it comes to choosing a health care equipment for children in this generation, people often prefer wearable devices with small size and light weight. Glasses, smart watches, and rubber wristbands are particularly suitable for this regard. In the present study, we propose a fitness app guidance model using wearable devices. In this paper, system constructions including QR coding program development, wearable device algorithm development, IoT algorithm development and cloud platform application, as well as fitness app design were all addressed in detail. Finally, this paper constructs a cross-cultural university English teaching system model through computer simulation. Through teaching experiments, we can see that the system constructed in this paper has a certain effect. © 2022 ThinkBiotech LLC. All rights reserved.



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