Suboptimal health innovation: From bench to bedside

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Book Chapter

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Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine: From Bench to Benchside


Springer, Cham


School of Medical and Health Sciences / Centre for Precision Health




Hu, F., & Wang, W. (2023). Suboptimal health innovation: From bench to bedside. In H. Podbielska & M. Kapalla (Eds.), Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine: From Bench to Bedside (pp. 5-17). Springer Cham.


The epidemic of chronic diseases in the twenty-first century has severely reduced the quality of life, posing a huge healthcare challenge to society. Inspired by the theory of preventive, predicative and personalized treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our previous studies coined and defined a suboptimal health status (SHS), and created an instrument, suboptimal health status questionnaire-25 (SHSQ-25) to measure an intermediate state between health and a diagnosable illness. As a subclinical, reversible stage of chronic diseases, SHS provides a critical window of opportunity for the tailored prevention and management of non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs). In the present book chapter, we further outline the approach of combining subjective (SHSQ-25) and objective (biomarkers) health measures for SHS assessment, by emphasizing the health innovation from bench to bedside following the contexts of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine (PPPM). In addition, we propose a new interdisciplinary approach: tourism could be a possible non-pharmacological intervention for people who suffer from SHS.



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