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Edith Cowan University / The MareCet Research Organization


School of Science / Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research


This project was co-funded by IKI and Edith Cowan University


Lavery PS, Lafratta A, Caabay JM, Ramilo R, Daquioag M, Serrano O, Masqué P. (2023) Blue Carbon Opportunities: seagrass carbon storage and accumulation rates at Roxas, Palawan, The Philippines. Technical Report for the IKI Seagrass Ecosystem Services Project. Edith Cowan University and The MareCet Research Organization.


Report prepared as a contribution to the IKI Project “Conservation of biodiversity, seagrass ecosystems and their services – safeguarding food security and resilience in vulnerable coastal communities in a changing climate”

The IKI Project is a partnership between the CMS, Edith Cowan University, Project Seagrass, Seagrass Watch, Murdoch University, MRS, Blue Ventures, SAN, C3, ZSL, MareCet and Yapeka. The collaboration enhances the understanding of seagrass ecosystem services and the capacity to develop and deliver science-based policy solutions in seagrass conservation. It brings together scientists, policy experts, business development experts and conservation NGOs across the globe to provide expert and independent advice on seagrass ecosystems services and how these might be relevant to policy and financial solutions to marine conservation issues. This report deals specifically with the assessment of seagrass blue carbon ecosystem services.



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