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School of Engineering / School of Science




Edith Cowan University / Australia and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan / Australian Government


Shaikh, M. B., Chai, D., Islam, S. M. S., & Akhtar, N. (2024). MHAiR: A dataset of audio-image representations for multimodal human actions. Data, 9(2), article 21.


Audio-image representations for a multimodal human action (MHAiR) dataset contains six different image representations of the audio signals that capture the temporal dynamics of the actions in a very compact and informative way. The dataset was extracted from the audio recordings which were captured from an existing video dataset, i.e., UCF101. Each data sample captured a duration of approximately 10 s long, and the overall dataset was split into 4893 training samples and 1944 testing samples. The resulting feature sequences were then converted into images, which can be used for human action recognition and other related tasks. These images can be used as a benchmark dataset for evaluating the performance of machine learning models for human action recognition and related tasks. These audio-image representations could be suitable for a wide range of applications, such as surveillance, healthcare monitoring, and robotics. The dataset can also be used for transfer learning, where pre-trained models can be fine-tuned on a specific task using specific audio images. Thus, this dataset can facilitate the development of new techniques and approaches for improving the accuracy of human action-related tasks and also serve as a standard benchmark for testing the performance of different machine learning models and algorithms.



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