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Neural Computing and Applications




School of Engineering / School of Science / Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML)




Edith Cowan University / Australia and Higher Commission (HEC), Pakistan / Office of National Intelligence National Intelligence Postdoctoral Grant / Australian Government / Open Access funding enabled and organized by CAUL and its Member Institution.


Shaikh, M. B., Chai, D., Islam, S. M. S., & Akhtar, N. (2024). Multimodal fusion for audio-image and video action recognition. Neural Computing and Applications. Advance online publication.


Multimodal Human Action Recognition (MHAR) is an important research topic in computer vision and event recognition fields. In this work, we address the problem of MHAR by developing a novel audio-image and video fusion-based deep learning framework that we call Multimodal Audio-Image and Video Action Recognizer (MAiVAR). We extract temporal information using image representations of audio signals and spatial information from video modality with the help of Convolutional Neutral Networks (CNN)-based feature extractors and fuse these features to recognize respective action classes. We apply a high-level weights assignment algorithm for improving audio-visual interaction and convergence. This proposed fusion-based framework utilizes the influence of audio and video feature maps and uses them to classify an action. Compared with state-of-the-art audio-visual MHAR techniques, the proposed approach features a simpler yet more accurate and more generalizable architecture, one that performs better with different audio-image representations. The system achieves an accuracy 87.9% and 79.0% on UCF51 and Kinetics Sounds datasets, respectively. All code and models for this paper will be available at



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