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Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems



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Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Appolloni, A., Jagtap, S., Iranmanesh, M., Alghamdi, S., . . . Kayikci, Y. (2024). Unleashing the power of internet of things and blockchain: A comprehensive analysis and future directions. Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems, 4. article 1-18.


As the fusion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology advances, it is increasingly shaping diverse fields. The potential of this convergence to fortify security, enhance privacy, and streamline operations has ignited considerable academic interest, resulting in an impressive body of literature. However, there is a noticeable scarcity of studies employing Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to dissect and categorize this field. This review paper endeavours to bridge this gap by meticulously analysing a dataset of 4455 journal articles drawn solely from the Scopus database, cantered around IoT and blockchain applications. Utilizing LDA, we have extracted 14 distinct topics from the collection, offering a broad view of the research themes in this interdisciplinary domain. Our exploration underscores an upswing in research pertaining to IoT and blockchain, emphasizing the rising prominence of this technological amalgamation. Among the most recurrent themes are IoT and blockchain integration in supply chain management and blockchain in healthcare data management and security, indicating the significant potential of this convergence to transform supply chains and secure healthcare data. Meanwhile, the less frequently discussed topics include access control and management in blockchain-based IoT systems and energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks using blockchain and IoT. To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first to apply LDA in the context of IoT and blockchain research, providing unique perspectives on the existing literature. Moreover, our findings pave the way for proposed future research directions, stimulating further investigation into the less explored aspects and sustaining the growth of this dynamic field.



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