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School of Nursing and Midwifery


Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship


Morris, S., Geraghty, S., & Sundin, D. (2024). Consensus-based recommendations for the care of women with a breech presenting fetus. Midwifery, 130, article 103916.


Objective: To establish consensus related to aspects of breech presentation and care. Design: A multinational, three round e-Delphi study. Participants: A panel of 15 midwives, four obstetricians and an academic with knowledge and/or experience of caring for women with a breech presenting fetus. Methods: An initial survey of 45 open-ended questions. Answers were coded and amalgamated to form 448 statements in the second round and three additional statements in the third round. Panellists were asked to provide their level of agreement for each statement using a 5-point Likert scale. Consensus was deemed met if 70% of panellists responded with strongly agree to somewhat agree, or strongly disagree to somewhat disagree after the second round. Findings: Results led to the development of a consensus-based care pathway for women with a breech presenting fetus and a skills development framework for clinicians. Key conclusions: A cultural shift is beginning to occur through the provision of physiological breech workshops offered by various organisations and may result in greater access to skilled and experienced clinicians for women desiring a vaginal breech birth, ultimately improving the safety of breech birth. Implications for practices: The care pathway and skills development framework can be used by services wishing to make changes to their current practices related to breech presentation and increase the level of skill in their workforce.



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