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Systems Research and Behavioral Science




School of Business and Law


Klarin, A., Abadi, H. A., & Sharmelly, R. (2024). Professionalism in artificial intelligence: The link between technology and ethics. Systems Research and Behavioral Science. Advance online publication.


Ethical conduct of artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly becoming an ever more pressing issue considering the inevitable integration of these technologies into our lives. The literature so far discussed the responsibility domains of AI; this study asks the question of how to instil ethicality into AI technologies. Through a three-step review of the AI ethics literature, we find that (i) the literature is weak in identifying solutions in ensuring ethical conduct of AI, (ii) the role of professional conduct is underexplored, and (iii) based on the values extracted from studies about AI ethical breaches, we thus propose a conceptual framework that offers professionalism as a solution in ensuring ethical AI. The framework stipulates fairness, nonmaleficence, responsibility, freedom, and trust as values necessary for developers and operators, as well as transparency, privacy, fairness, trust, solidarity, and sustainability as organizational values to ensure sustainability in ethical development and operation of AI.



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