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Current Diabetes Reports




School of Nursing and Midwifery




Gow, K., Rashidi, A., & Whitehead, L. (2023). Factors influencing medication adherence among adults living with diabetes and comorbidities: A qualitative systematic review. Current Diabetes Reports, 24, 19-25.


Purpose of review: Medication adherence plays an important role in improving health outcomes related to diabetes and comorbidity. The potential factors influencing medication adherence and how they contribute to health behaviors have not been synthesized to date. This review synthesized qualitative studies that identified factors influencing medication adherence among adults living with diabetes and comorbidity. Recent findings: Twenty-eight findings were extracted and synthesized into four themes: perceived support, lack of knowledge, medication issues, and the importance of routine. The findings highlight the factors that support medication adherence and areas that can be targeted to support and promote medication adherence. The findings also support the potential role of healthcare providers in supporting people living with diabetes and comorbidity to adhere to and maintain medication regimes. Summary: Several factors were identified that are amenable to intervention within the clinical practice setting and have the potential to enhance medication adherence and improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes and comorbidities. The development of acceptable and effective interventions could have a positive effect on medication adherence and health outcomes.



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