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Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering






P. G. N., Prasad, G., Prabhakaran, V., & Priya, V. (2024). Understanding the impact of microplastic contamination on soil quality and eco-toxicological risks in horticulture: A comprehensive review. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, 9, article 100633.


The horticulture sector, essential for global food production, confronts significant challenges with prevalent pollutants, mainly microplastics. The presence of microplastics in the food chain has induced physiological stress and a multifactorial food safety concern. The complexity of the problem, arising from intricate interactions among microplastics, organisms, and ecosystems, poses a substantial challenge to food safety, necessitating an immediate strategic perspective due to the associated risks to human health and eco-toxicology. Significant knowledge gaps persist regarding their impact on terrestrial ecosystems, especially in horticulture. This study addresses the urgent need to comprehend the implications of microplastics on soil health, eco-toxicological risks, and nutrient dynamics in horticultural environments. The review covers potential sources of microplastics, their impact on horticultural crops including eco-toxicity, various identification techniques, and proposed mitigation measures, offering insights for environmentalists, biotechnologists, and policymakers to proactively mitigate risks.



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