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Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy








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Ruscoe, A., & Baker, P. (2024). Designing bespoke visual mediation tools using 'viscourse' for intergenerational research visiblising pedagogies. Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy. Advance online publication.


Visual methods are an innovative design space for study methodologies with young children. The accessibility of visual media, and flexibility of their design and use, has spurred methodological innovations that stretch the boundaries of intergenerational research. This article explores the visual dialogic nexus in research methods tailored to investigate discourse. The research sought to uncover the perspectives of young children and their teachers about their discursive affordances in the first year of school. Employing an iterative design process, bespoke visual mediation tools were collaboratively created with a visual artist to capture the intergenerational viewpoints of the participants. This article reconceptualises discourses as 'viscourses' through a Foucauldian post-structuralist lens. This reframing emphasizes the impact of the discursive gaze and manipulation of art elements and principles as themes for scrutiny during the design phase. The resulting visual mediation tools underwent pilot testing with two focus groups of 5-year-old children and their class teachers. Findings from the pilot study underscore the potential of visual mediation tools for generating authentic contexts that enable participants to 'inhabit' a time and place within a semiotic space. The method facilitates capture of multi-faceted data, including evidence of children's higher order thinking concerning abstract phenomenon.



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