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Journal of Educational Administration and History


Taylor & Francis


Centre for People, Place and Planet




Gray, E., Ullman, J., Blaise, M., & Pollitt, J. (2024). Masculinism, institutional violence and #metoo: Understanding Australian university responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Educational Administration and History. Advance online publication.


This article offers an analysis of data from the project Sexism, Higher Education, and Covid-19: The Australian Perspective. The authors argue that the gendered impact of the pandemic in Higher Education Institutions constitutes a form of institutionally perpetrated sexist harassment, and that raising awareness of the ways in which institutions themselves enable and perpetrate such harassment is consistent with the aims of the #MeToo movement. This article is intended to act as testament to the ways in which Australian universities function as masculinist institutions that, during this time of crisis, deployed tactics that were experienced by women and minority-identifying research participants as sexist and violent. The article illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic, and university responses to it, are evidence of the everyday sexual violence that women and gender-diverse academics experience due to inherent norms about the labour that ‘counts’ in the masculinist, neoliberal academy.



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