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Journal of Advanced Nursing




School of Nursing and Midwifery




Buhlmann, M., Ewens, B., & Rashidi, A. (2022). Moving on after critical incidents in health care: A qualitative study of the perspectives and experiences of second victims. Journal of Advanced Nursing.


Aims To gain a deeper understanding of nurses and midwives' experiences following involvement in a critical incident in a non-critical care area and to explore how they have 'moved-on' from the event. Design An interpretive descriptive design guided inductive inquiry to interpret the meaning of moving-on. Methods Purposive sampling recruited 10 nurses and midwives. Data collection comprised semi-structured interviews, memos and field notes. Data were concurrently collected and analysed during 2016–2017 with NVivo 11. The thematic analysis enabled a coherent analytical framework evolving emerging themes and transformation of the data into credible interpretive description findings, adhering to the COREQ reporting guidelines. Results The findings revealed five main themes: Initial emotional and physical response, the aftermath, long-lasting repercussions, workplace support and moving-on. Conclusion This study shed light on the perceptions of nurses and midwives who lived through the impact of critical incidents. Through their lens, the strategies engaged in to move-on were identified and their call for organizational and collegial support received a voice.



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