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Journal of Clinical Medicine








Exercise Medicine Research Institute


Coll, F., Cavalheri, V., Gucciardi, D. F., Wulff, S., & Hill, K. (2022). Quantifying the Effect of Monitor Wear Time and Monitor Type on the Estimate of Sedentary Time in People with COPD: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of clinical medicine, 11(7), p. 1-12, 1980.


In studies that have reported device-based measures of sedentary time (ST) in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we explored if the monitor type and monitor wear time moderated the estimate of this measure. Five electronic databases were searched in January 2021. Studies were included if >70% of participants had stable COPD, and measures of ST (min/day) were collected using wearable technology. Meta-regression was used to examine the influence of moderators on ST, monitor type, and wear time. The studies identified were a total of 1153, and 36 had usable data for meta-analyses. The overall pooled estimate of ST (mean [95% CI]) was 524 min/day [482 to 566] with moderate heterogeneity among effect sizes (I2 = 42%). Monitor wear time, as well as the interaction of monitor wear time and monitor type, were moderators of ST (p < 0.001). The largest difference (−318 min; 95% CI [−212 to −424]) was seen between studies where participants wore a device without a thigh inclinometer for 24 h (and removed sleep during analysis) (675 min, 95% CI [589 to 752]) and studies where participants wore a device with a thigh inclinometer for 12 h only (356 min; 95% CI [284 to 430]). In people with COPD, the monitor wear time and the interaction of the monitor wear time and the monitor type moderated the estimate of ST.



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