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Guppy, S. N., Kotani, Y., Brady, C. J., Connolly, S., Comfort, P., & Haff, G. G. (2022). The Reliability and Magnitude of Time-Dependent Force-Time Characteristics During the Isometric Midthigh Pull Are Affected by Both Testing Protocol and Analysis Choices. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 36(5), 1191-1199.


This study aimed to investigate whether the use of short-duration (SHORT) isometric midthigh pull (IMTP) trials resulted in greater reliability and magnitude of time-dependent force-time characteristics than traditionally performed IMTP trials (TRAD). Fourteen subjects with > 6 months' training experience with the power clean volunteered to take part in the study. Subjects performed five ∼1-second IMTP trials (SHORT) and five 5-second IMTP trials (TRAD). SHORT resulted in substantially more reliable rate of force development (RFD) measures (intraclass correlation coefficient [ICC] = 0.97–0.99; coefficient of variation [CV] = 2.6–7.0%), particularly during time bands from force-onset to 150 ms, compared with TRAD when trials were selected for analysis based on peak force (ICC = 0.66–0.83; CV = 14.1–38.5%). Selecting TRAD trials based on RFD0-200 resulted in similar reliability compared with SHORT of those same epochs (ICC = 0.97–0.99; CV = 2.5–7.8%). Furthermore, SHORT resulted in significantly greater force at specific time points, RFD, and impulse compared with TRAD trials (p = 0.001–0.033; g = −0.16 to −0.66). Based on these results, strength and conditioning professionals should use specific testing protocols (i.e., TRAD and SHORT) depending on the component of an athlete's force-generating capacity that they wish to assess and remain aware of the effect analysis choices they have on the reliability of IMTP force-time characteristics.



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