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Journal Article

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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law




This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION on 30/05/2022, available online:

Senali, M. G., Iranmanesh, M., Ismail, F. N., Rahim, N. F. A., Khoshkam, M., & Mirzaei, M. (2022). Determinants of Intention to Use e-Wallet: Personal Innovativeness and Propensity to Trust as Moderators. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction. Advance online publication.


This study aims to investigate the determinants of intention to use e-wallets. Drawing on the technology acceptance model (TAM), the conceptual framework was developed. The study extends the TAM in the context of e-wallets, by testing the influences of product-related factors namely perceived compatibility, perceived risk, and perceived emotions and investigating the moderating impacts of personal innovativeness and propensity to trust. To conduct an empirical study, the data were collected from Malaysian individuals with no experience with e-wallets using an online survey. Data from 374 participants were obtained and analyzed using the partial least squares technique. The results showed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived risk, and perceived emotions significantly influence intention to adopt e-wallet. Although personal innovativeness negatively moderates the effect of perceived compatibility on intention to adopt, it moderates positively the influence of perceived emotion. Propensity to trust moderates positively the impacts of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use and moderates negatively the influence of compatibility on intention to use e-wallets. The study extends the literature by extending the TAM in the e-wallet context and testing the moderating effect of personal innovativeness and propensity to trust. The findings enable e-wallet service providers, marketers, and policymakers to consider target market and personal-related factors in developing an e-wallet platform and promoting its usage.



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