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Journal of Destination Marketing and Management






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National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant numbers: 41971172, 41801130) / Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (grant numbers: GK202003063, 2019TS013) / China Scholarship Council (grant numbers: 202006875011, 202106870052)


Hu, X., Huang, S. S., Chen, G., & Hua, F. (2022). The effects of perceived destination restorative qualities on tourists’ self-identity: A tale of two destinations. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 25, article 100724.


Isolation and anomie caused by the modern life has created multiple identity threats. Tourists’ destination experience has long been considered as a unique way of identity construction. However, little research has investigated whether and how environmental restoration qualities in the tourism context can possibly reinforce self-identity and counteract the effect of identity confusion. Guided by the Attention Restoration Theory, this study aims to develop and test a model to examine the relationships between the dimensions of perceived destination restorative qualities (PDRQs) and tourist self-identity with two tourist samples in China collected in two distinctive destinations (Sample 1, n = 361; Sample 2, n = 323). Results show that in both samples, the PDRQs dimensions of compatibility and mentally-away positively contributed to self-identity, while the dimension of physically-away had no significant effect on self-identity. In addition, the dimensions of extent and fascination had differentiated effects on self-identity across the two samples. This study provides empirical evidence to show that destinations have the potential to promote tourist identity reconstruction.



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