Transcreation of the accent class to the online platform

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Journal Article

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Voice and Speech Review


Taylor & Francis


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Daken, A. (2021). Transcreation of the accent class to the online platform. Voice and Speech Review, 15(3), 297-314.


This article aims to provide practical solutions to assist accent coaches adapting their pedagogy to the online format. Inspired by the concept of transcreation, this practice-based research explores possible modifications that could be utilized to elicit the same experience students would receive from an in-person session, when working online. Initial research includes interviews with 13 highly experienced accent coaches and a survey conducted of the acting students at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School after five weeks of online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the methodology of action research, key findings are then investigated and reflected upon through practical online sessions with both small group and individual classes. Simple exercises are explored in regard to setting up the “virtual” space, encouraging the development of an embodied accent (including using kinesthetic approaches), and finding opportunities for peer collaboration. The findings of this practical research offer a base for accent coaches to develop their own practices when working online and encourage further research into the diverse needs of students and teachers in the online classroom.



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