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Vanderklift M, Bearham D, Haywood M, Lozano-Montes H, McCallum R, Mc Laughlin J, McMahon K, Mortimer N and Lavery P (2017) Natural dynamics: understanding natural dynamics of seagrasses of the north west of Western Australia. Report of Theme 5 - Project 5.3 prepared for the Dredging Science Node, Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Perth, Western Australia, 55 pp.


Relatively little is known of the spatial and temporal dynamics of seagrass meadows in the north west of Western Australia, but such knowledge is needed when designing and evaluating studies that aim to detect potential dredging-related impacts on seagrass, and when making predictions about the likelihood of, and speed of recovery from, such impacts. This study was undertaken to improve our understanding of the spatial and temporal patterns in seagrass composition, abundance and reproductive phenology in the Pilbara. We also characterised key environmental parameters, especially light, that influence seagrass survival and can be altered by dredging...

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