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Short J, Fraser M, McLean D, Kendrick G, Byrne M, Caley J, Clarke D, Davis A, Erftemeijer P, Field S, Gustin-Craig S, Huisman J, Keesing J, Keough M, Lavery P, Masini R, McMahon K, Mergersen K, Rasheed M, Statton J, Stoddart J and Wu P (2017) Effects of dredging-related pressures on critical ecological processes for organisms other than fish or coral. Report of Theme 9 - Project 9.1 prepared for the Dredging Science Node, Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Perth, Western Australia, 47 pp.


In November 2013 a workshop was held at CSIRO Floreat, which brought together national and international marine scientists. The workshop addressed two primary objectives: • identify the timing of critical ecological processes in tropical and temperate ecosystems with a focus on non-coral and non-fish biota (seagrass, seaweed, sponges, ascidians, bryozoans, molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans and non-coral cnidarians); and • identify environmental windows for critical ecological processes identified in Objective 1. This will be achieved by compiling information on the timing of reproduction, release of propagules and recruitment for these organisms, as well as the temporal and spatial scales of reproduction and recruitment events. During Workshop 1 a conceptual diagram was developed to illustrate and guide the decision process behind the selection of environmental windows (EWs) (see Figure 1). The life histories of the biota investigated were then identified and listed in detailed tables with specific reference to potential effects of dredging at each life history stage...

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