Mediassistedge - Simplifying Diagnosis Procedure & Improving Patient Doctor Connectivity

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Tripathy, A., Carvalho, R., Puthenputhussery, A., Chhabhaiya, N., & Anthony, B. (2014). MediAssistEdge–Simplifying diagnosis procedure & Improving patient doctor connectivity. Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Under Graduate project report. Available here


Medical Decision is very specialized and challenging job. This is due to the fact that certain decisions may be wrong due to misdiagnosis. This wrong diagnosis decision may risk life of a person. It becomes necessary to have a second opinion in such cases. Also availability of efficient doctors to conduct correct diagnosis in a country having large population is certainly less. Considering these facts, MediAssistEdge system aims at conducting diagnosis remotely as well as providing basic diagnosis of diseases which does not require prescription. MediAssistEdge system consists of two subsystems to carry out the two mentioned goals. The first goal is attained by MediConnect system which provides an interface wherein patient and doctor or doctors around the world can be connected remotely. The ideology of remote diagnosis in true sense is made possible with the help of the two assisting hardware devices which comes integrated with the system. The second goal of diagnosis of disease is implemented by the DocBot subsystem which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to interact with patients. It has an interface wherein a representation of a doctor will be present with a reply box. The user interacts with the artificial intelligence engine like normal chatting. Based on the inputs from the user the AI engine will provide diagnosis. The doctors will also be able to teach the AI engine. The patients that require second level diagnosis will be referred to the hospital.



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