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Western Australian Marine Science Institution


School of Science / Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research


Richards Z, Berry O, Underwood J, McMahon K, Travers M, Moore G, Hernawan U, DiBattista J, Evans R, Gilmour J (2017) Ecological Connectivity of Kimberley Marine Communities. Synthesis Report of Project 1.1.3 prepared for the Kimberley Marine Research Program, Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Perth, Western Australia, 17pp.


The overarching objective of KMRP Project 1.1.3 (Ecological Connectivity of Kimberley Marine Communities) was to provide the first estimates of ecological connectivity across multiple spatial scales for a suite of model/priority marine organisms in the Kimberley. More specifically, this project aimed to provide species-specific estimates of realised connectivity at a reef-scale (<1 km), inter-reef scale (1-100 km) and inter-region scale (100+ km) through genetic analyses of seven key animals and plants with contrasting dispersive life histories that are representative of common taxa...

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