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Australian Journal of Psychology


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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY on 01/03/2021, available online:

Bright, S., Gringart, E., Blatchford, E., & Bettinson, S. (2021). A quantitative exploration of the relationships between regular yoga practice, microdosing psychedelics, wellbeing and personality variables. Australian Journal of Psychology, 73(2), 134-143.


Objective: The current study aimed to explore whether the subjective effects of microdosing psychedelics are comparable to those of yoga in relation to psychological wellbeing, depression, anxiety and stress. It also explored the relationship between yoga, microdosing and personality. Method: The sample comprised 339 participants, yoga (n = 131), microdose (n = 69), microdose and yoga (n = 54) and control (n = 85). All completed measures of personality (M5-50 and Tellegen Absorption Scale), mood (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-21) and wellbeing (Ryff Scales of Psychological Wellbeing). Results: The yoga and microdosing groups scored significantly higher on psychological wellbeing and absorption than the control. The microdosing and yoga group had lower depression scores than the microdose only group, and lower anxiety scores than the yoga only group. Furthermore, the microdosing and yoga group had the highest absorption score. Openness was significantly lower in the control group than in all other groups. Conclusions: While we cannot infer that yoga and microdosing lead to increased wellbeing, openness and absorption, or to decreased depression and anxiety, the findings suggest that the subjective effects of microdosing psychedelics are comparable to those of yoga and that the combination of both might be beneficial.



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Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and other interventions for optimal health across the lifespan

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