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Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production




School of Engineering / Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources




Manshad, A. K., Pashaki, R. S., Ali, J. A., Iglauer, S., Memariani, M., Akbari, M., & Keshavarz, A. (2021). Geochemical study of the early cretaceous Fahliyan oil reservoir in the northwest Persian Gulf. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production, 11(6), 2435-2447.


Three crude oil samples from the Fahliyan Formation in ‘KG’ and ‘F’ fields in the northwest Persian Gulf, namely KG-031, F9A-3H and F15-3H for the geochemical study. In this study, the physicochemical properties, gas chromatography (GC, GC Mass) and (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis) DHA analyses for the collected Fahliyan oils were carried out. The API, Trace Element (Ni, V) and S% parameters indicated that the Fahliyan oil was generated from a source rock which deposited in reducing environment condition with a carbonate-shale compound lithology. Moreover, low pour point, higher S% and low viscosity parameters of “KG” sample confirmed the existence of medium oil characteristics in this field. In addition, the geochemical outcomes of GC, GC–MS and DHA analyses indicated that the ‘KG’ oils are more aromatic compared with ‘F’ oil; while biomarkers revealed that Fahliyan reservoir oil is highly mature and was formed from a carbonate source rock containing types II, III kerogen. Thus, sterane/hopane biomarkers (C24/C23 and C22/C21 ratios) revealed that Fahliyan oil originated from carbonate source rocks deposited in an anoxic to dysoxic environment, which is consistent with the above analyses. It was identified that the source rock age is early Cretaceous to late Jurassic. It can be reported that the Fahliyan oils from both fields were generated in the same source rock and have almost the same physical properties, and will have the same production strategy.



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