2 minutes from home

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Original Creative Work

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Earth Day art model 2021


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Hope, C., Parr, T., Wyatt, A., Devenish, L., Vickery, L., & James, S. (2021). 2 minutes from home. Earth Day art model 2021.



The '2 Minutes From Home' project features 20 x 2 minute works written for the Decibel ScorePlayer, a iPad score reader for graphic notations. Each work is presented as an audio-visual experience, showing the ensemble playing their parts in their homes alongside the different scores in different presentation approaches designed by videographer Karl Ockelford. Created by composers accross the world, in different lockdown and isolation periods between July and December 2020, this is an esoteric collection of "beautiful, eye-catching miniatures" (Limelight Magazine) and "an interesting and challenging new take on playing and commissioning music" ( SeeSaw Magazine).

Cat Hope - Artistic Director, Tristen Parr, Aaron Wyatt, Louise Devenish, Lindsay Vickery, Stuart James

Decibel are world-leading interpreters of graphic notations and pioneer digital score formats for composition and performance. This includes the ongoing development of their successful Decibel ScorePlayer App for iPad, enabling coordinated performance of graphic notations. Whilst rooted in western art music tradition, Decibel aim to remove stylistic boundaries in their commissioning and performance approaches and focus on music that combines acoustic and electronic instruments. Based between Melbourne and Perth, they have toured Europe, Japan, and parts of south East Asia since thier foundation in 2009.The ensemble has collaborated with composers such as Eliane Radigue, Werner Dafeldecker, Agostino Di Scipio, Alvin Curran, David Toop, Marina Rosenfeld, Lionel Marchetti, Andreas Weixler and Johannes S. Sistermanns and worked with iconic Australian composers Jon Rose, Alan Lamb, Ross Bolleter, Warren Burt, Eric Griswold, and Anthony Pateras.

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