Sustainable future: Resource recovery and concentrate management—an introduction

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Environmental Quality Management




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Jegatheesan, V., Boopathy, R., Shu, L., Fujiwara, T., Shu, H. Y., Kim, S. H., & Zhang, Y. (2021). Sustainable future: Resource recovery and concentrate management—an introduction [Editorial]. Environmental Quality Management, 31(2), 5-7. https://doi.org/10.1002/tqem.21797


Sustainable future of the earth and humanity are going to depend on several factors and those factors pose the following questions: (i) How are we going to maintain various ecosystems and their biodiversity? (ii) How well are we going to utilize our natural resources such as water, minerals, fossil fuels and others from now on? (iii) How are we going to link population growth, urbanization and climate change to find answers to the above two questions? and (iv) How will the diverse perceptions on the issues held by the policy makers, scientific community, financial institutions and other stakeholders influence all the above? Breaking the issues down to subsets and connecting them in a meaningful manner is the need of the hour, although it might not appear to be that urgent if we look only at the progress we make in all facets of development. While sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are designed to lead us and the world to a sustainable future, they require the support and participation of the entire human race.



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