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Carol Crevacore

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Open Oceans: Learning without borders. Proceedings ASCILITE 2018

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Centre for Learning and Teaching / School of Nursing and Midwifery


Scriven, R., & Crevacore, C. (2018). Reducing the confusion and clicks and its impact on learning. In Open Oceans: Learning without borders. Proceedings ASCILITE 2018 (pp. 499-504). Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiaty Education.


With the increased importance placed on first-year university units to transition, retain and engage new students, there is a need to carefully design the navigation within a unit of study. The importance of reducing confusion for new students and the cognitive load placed on them during their first experience of university learning may assist with retention. This paper presents a collaborative project between a first-year Unit Coordinator and Senior Learning Designer to redesign the navigation of a core communications unit in a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) degree. The purpose was to reduce the confusion over what was required of the students each week and to reduce the number of clicks and scrolls through the weekly content, allowing students to focus on the content itself.

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