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Original Creative Work


School of Arts & Humanities


Mutard, B. R. (2021). Bully me [Graphic novel]. Perth, Western Australia: The Author.


What price bullying? Is it as simple as saying: ‘hit back’ or, ‘toughen up’? Or, is it to be endured, because it won’t last forever? But what if it does last? What if the bullies finally go away, but you’re left with the worst bully of all: yourself? Your inner voice telling you you’re no good, you’re ugly, you’re the worst in the world and it would be better off without you?

How do you escape the bully that lives inside your head, all day, every day, every night?

This is the story of how I managed to escape that bully, how I found a way out of the prison I had built myself. It wasn’t easy. There was a price to pay: the price of eternal vigilance. But it’s worth it in order to live free.