Blockchain in data analytics

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Ahmed, M. (Ed.). (2020). Blockchain in Data Analytics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.



Blockchain technology facilitates a decentralized database where business is rendered transparent without the involvement of middlemen. The first use of this technology was its application in digital currency (bitcoin). However, other potential uses of blockchain are yet to be explored. It is expected to have a major impact on cyber security, the internet of things, supply chain management, market prediction, governance, information management, and financial transactions, among others. Blockchain has redesigned the way in which people deal with their money due to its effectiveness, especially in terms of security. Therefore, from the data analytics point of view, investigation of the application of blockchain technology in a wide range of domains is crucial. In this context, this book provides a broad picture of the concepts, techniques, applications, and open research directions in this area, and will serve as a single source of reference for acquiring knowledge on this emerging technology.

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