Evaluation of the KindiLink Pilot initiative in Western Australia Volume 4: Reflective Journal

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Department of Education of WA


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Barratt‐Pugh, C. Barblett, L., Cooper, T., Knaus, & McLean, C. (2018). Evaluation of the KindiLink Pilot initiative in Western Australia Volume 3: Case Studies. Department of Education of Western Australia https://www.education.wa.edu.au/dl/z7e4nr


A key aspect of this study was to document the emerging nature and impact of KindiLink on families over time, through the work of the teachers and the Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) in their everyday practices and experiences. Capturing the lived experiences of the teachers and AIEOs in ways that would facilitate a frank, deeply reflective and mutually beneficial exploration of outcomes and issues necessitated an ongoing and anonymous process that would not overwhelm and burden the participants in their already busy lives. After consultation, it was agreed that an electronic reflective journal would be adopted. This would enable teachers and AIEOs to capture and reflect on the rationale for and implementation of their practices and how this new knowledge can be used to develop their practice and achieve the most effective outcomes for children and families. This data would also augment the findings from the survey and case study data. Thus, the KindiLink teachers and AIEOs were invited to complete an online journal individually or jointly each week, which was then electronically downloaded in weeks 5 and 10 of Terms 2, 3 and 4.

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