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This article was originally published as: Babatunde, O. H., Armstrong, L. , Leng, J. , & Diepeveen, D. (2014). Zernike Moments and Genetic Algorithm : Tutorial and Application. British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 4(15), 2217-2236 . Original article available here.


Aims/ objectives: To demontrate effectiveness of Zernike Moments for Image Classification. Zernike moment(ZM) is an excellent region-based moment which has attracted the attentions of many image processing researchers since its first application to image analysis. Many papers have been published on several works done on ZM but no single paper ever give a detailed information of how the computation of ZM is done from the time the image is captured to the computation of ZM. This work showed how to effectively apply ZM on RGB images. We have demonstrated the effectiveness of Zernike moment in image classification system. A neuro-genetic intelligent system has been built with PNN classifier. The feature extracted viz ZM and Geometric features were further subjected to GA to bring the best combinatorial features for optimal accuracy. The algebraic structure of our novel fitness function enabled the GA to select the best results. The 10-fold CV used enabled the whole system to be unbiased giving a classification accuracy of 90.05%. A demonstration of affine properties of ZM are comprehensively stated and explained. In summary, the ZM enabled the classifier to have improved accuracy of 91% as compared with Geometric features with 89% accuracy.



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