A novel mobility-aware data transfer service (MADTS) based on DDS standards

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Al-Madani, B., Khan, A., & Baig, Z. A. (2014). A novel mobility-aware data transfer service (MADTS) based on DDS standards. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Section B: Engineering, 39(4), 2843-2856. Available here.


Information sharing between mobile devices has gained immense popularity in recent times, owing to advances in network bandwidth and sophistication ofmobile applications. Developing such applications to facilitate seamless information sharing between heterogeneous mobile devices can be cumbersome. The Object Management Group DDS (Data Distribution Service) specification provides a standard for a range of real-time mobile systems and embedded computing environments, from small networked embedded systems up to large-scale information backbones, to communicate with each other. The service exhibits features such as asynchronous interaction, Quality of Service (QoS) support, and a dynamic discovery mechanism to support smooth handoff during communication. In this paper,we propose a service architecturemodel to facilitate uninterrupted mobile communications, using the DDS specification, so as to minimize disconnections during the data communication between mobile nodes due to mobility factors. We also introduce the application of the DDS QoS module for evaluating our mobilityaware data transfer model. Several experiments were conducted to identify the capabilities of the proposed approach in a heterogeneous environment in terms of latency and throughput, using a two mobile node scenario, and the results were found to be promising.