Using video of student-client interactions to engage students in reflection and peer review

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Journal Article


University of Wollongong


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science


School of Medical and Health Sciences / Centre for Learning and Teaching




Lewis, A.l; Moore, C.; and Nang, C. (2015). Using video of student-client interactions to engage students in reflection and peer review, Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 12(4). Available here.


Graduates are expected to be lifelong learners and reflective practice is a key tool to enable allied health professionals to learn from their practice. Reflection enables students to learn from their clinical experiences and develop goals for their future practice but can be difficult for students to learn and develop. Researchers are beginning to explore the use of videos of students with clients as a tool for developing reflective practice and clinical skills. In the speech pathology course at Edith Cowan University third year students were required to bring a video of an interaction with a client for discussion in a peer group during a clinical tutorial. The structured format used a strengths-based format to ensure a safe reflective environment. Twenty students participated in the process. Students were then invited to evaluate their experience of the process by completing questionnaires giving both qualitative and quantitative data. Students were generally positive about feasibility, usefulness and overall satisfaction with the activity. The peer review method and the results of the student evaluations will be presented. Discussion of the feedback and recommendations for future use will be given.

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