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Edith Cowan University - Early Career Researcher Grant


Vickery, L., & James. S. (2016). Tectonic : a networked, generative and interactive, conducting environment for iPad. 42nd International Computer Music Conference 12th - 16th September.


This paper describes the concept, implementation and context of Tectonic: Rodinia for four realtime composer-conductoors and ensemble. In this work, an addition to the reqertoire of the Decibel Scoreplayer, iPads art networked together using the bonjour protocol to manage connectivity over the network. Unlike previous Scoreplayer works, Rodinia combines "conductor view" control interfaces, "performer view" notation interfaces and an "audience view" overview interface, separately identified by manual connection and yet mutually interactive. Notation is communicated to an ensemble via scores independently generated in realtime in each "performer view" and amalgamated schematically in the :audience view" interface. Interaction in the work is enacted through a collision avoidant algorithm that modifies the choices of each conductor by deflecting the streams of notation according to evaluation of the "Mass" and proximity to other streams, reflecting the concept of shifting Tectonic plates that crush and reform each other's placement.

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