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Tolouer-Rad, M., & Lichter, E. (2016). The heat treatment analysis of E110 case hardening steel. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology. 11(3), 407-415.


This paper investigates mechanical and microstructural behaviour of E110 case hardening steel when subjected to different heat treatment processes includingquenching, normalizing and tempering. After heat treatment samples were subjected to mechanical and metallographic analysisand the properties obtained from applying different processes were analysed. The heat treatment process had certain effects on the resultant properties andmicrostructures obtained for E110 steel which are described in details. Quenching produced a martensitic microstructure characterized by significant increase in material’s hardness and a significant decreased in its impact energy. Annealed specimens produced a coarse pearlitic microstructure with minimal variation in hardness and impact energy. For normalized samples, fine pearlitic microstructure was identified with a moderate increase in hardness and significant reduction in impact energy. Tempering had a significant effect on quenched specimens, with a substantial rise in material ductility and reduction of hardness with increasing tempering temperature. Furthermore, Results provide additional substantiation of temper embrittlement theory for low.carbon alloys, and indicate potential occurrence of temper embrittlement for fine pearlitic microstructures.

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