The motivations of event volunteers at local community events

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Book Chapter

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Managing and Developing Communities, Festivals and Events


Palgrave Macmillan

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Hampshire New York


School of Business and Law




Lamb, D., & Ogle, A. (2016). The motivations of event volunteers at local community events. In Jepson, A., & Clarke, A. Managing and Developing Communities, Festivals and Events. Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan. Chapter Available here


The aim of this chapter is to help fill a gap in the research literature pertaining to volunteer engagement in community-based events by way of empirical research on the drivers for motivation, in an attempt to understand the world of volunteering in terms of the perceived benefits of volunteering (Soderman & Snead, 2008) and the motivation spectrum of volunteering (Coughlan & Fennell, 2009). Duffy (2006) has remarked that events have the potential to foster community well-being and creativity and often the success of an event is based largely on the volunteers (Cuskelly et al., 2004; Getz, 2002). This research is timely given the prima facie indications of declining rates of volunteering (Stott, 2014; The Community Life Survey, 2014) and is based on two event case studies: 'The 2014 ISPS Handa Perth International golf tournament' and the '2014 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival'. In this chapter, the findings from our primary research are evaluated with reference to the existent literature and a number of limitations and implications and suggestions are given for further research in this area.



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