Hexadecimal compositions – using HEX data to sonify images of the found environment

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Conference Proceeding


Australasian Computer Music Association


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Tsang, C. (2016). Hexadecimal compositions – using HEX data to sonify images of the found environment. In Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Conference of the Australasian Computer Music Association (pp. 75-80). Brisbane. Available here.


There have been numerous efforts to explore the relationship between the visual and aural, in particular in relation to converting one medium into another. The interchange between music and images can create powerful, evocative, multi-sensory and immersive narratives for both the audience and the artist. One method of relating the aural and visual is through data composition, where data from the visual is used to create the aural. This paper will discuss the usage of hexadecimal data in relation to the artist's own practice and experiments in sonifying the found environment. This practice combines music created from converting field footage and photographs into hexadecimal data and music visualisation, to offer multiple perspectives of a specific scene. The resultant works from this process are audio-visual pieces where both the aural and visual are intertwined. This paper will conclude with some examples of work.

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