Transverse magnetic field impact on waveguide modes of photonic crystals

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Journal Article


Optical Society of America

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United States


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Originally published as: Sylgacheva, D., Khokhlov, N., Kalish, A., Dagesyan, S., Prokopiv, A., Shaposhnikov, A., & Belotelov, V. (2016). Transverse magnetic field impact on waveguide modes of photonic crystals. Optic Letters, 41(16), 3813-3816. Available here


This Letter presents a theoretical and experimental study of waveguide modes of one-dimensional magneto-photonic crystals magnetized in the in-plane direction. It is shown that the propagation constants of the TM waveguide modes are sensitive to the transverse magnetization and the spectrum of the transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect has resonant features at mode excitation frequencies. Two types of structures are considered: a non-magnetic photonic crystal with an additional magnetic layer on top and a magneto-photonic crystal with a magnetic layer within each period. We found that the magneto-optical non-reciprocity effect is greater in the first case: it has a magnitude of δ ∼ 10-4, while the second structure type demonstrates δ ∼ 10-5 only, due to the higher asymmetry of the claddings of the magnetic layer. Experimental observations show resonant features in the optical and magneto-optical Kerr effect spectra. The measured dispersion properties are in good agreement with the theoretical predictions. An amplitude of light intensity modulation of up to 2.5% was observed for waveguide mode excitation within the magnetic top layer of the non-magnetic photonic crystal structure. The presented theoretical approach may be utilized for the design of magneto-optical sensors and modulators requiring pre-determined spectral features