What I'm Reading: Donna Mazza

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Book Review


Melbourne University Publishing


School of Arts, Regional and Professional Studies / ECU South West Research Centre




Mazza, D. (2014). What I'm reading: Donna Mazza, Spike (Meanjin's Blog), 4 Aug, 2014. Available here


Research background : Developing an understanding of Australian culture through its literature is part of the role of academics in literary studies in this country. The Western Australian perspective is of particular interest to me and my review of Tim Winton's novel Eyrie, 2013. The debates he raises in his work form a unique perspective in regional WA. It was my purpose to explore new understandings of the work and its insights into Western Australia's culture and the impact of the mining boom through this review.

Research Contribution : This contribution is a book review in the form of a personal essay on Eyrie. It provides an academic insight into a relatively new novel. Winton's work is frequently studied in an academic environment and critical texts are published on his work. Therefore contributions to the critical understanding of his work and its situation within the canon of Australian literature are important to academic understanding. It is particularly important because the novel passes a critical eye over Western Australia and its culture and economic drive which I have taken up in my review from my own perspective in regional WA.

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