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Original Creative Work


School of Arts, Regional and Professional Studies / ECU South West Research Centre




This work was originally exhibited at The 9 x 5" 2014 Art Auction, organized by Edith Cowan University and Art Partners, held at Edith Cowan University (Southwest campus) from 28 August to 17 September 2014. More information about Art Partners Available here


Research Background : Current land use practices around the Leschenault Inlet have led to severe degradation of the environment. This has been the subject of other research within this faculty. Contemporary ecocritical theory cites the need to narrate the regional to initiate grass roots change that will have exponential impact. (Garrard, 2012).

Research Contribution : The painting The Cormorant depicts the natural tension between the animal and the human. The bird is waiting with wings spread for what the tide will deliver as it stands in the murky, liminal space between the land and the estuary. It is in this place that humanity and the natural environment co-exist. The painting translates the concepts of Australian Gothic literary theory about place into a new form.

Research Significance : This work is within the tradition of the Heidelberg School 9x5 impressionist exhibition. It is part of an exhibition of 80 works including artists with disability that were auctioned to arts professionals and community members on 19/9/14. This work was sold for $87, which was above the average price. It demonstrates the university's commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

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