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Original Creative Work


School of Arts, Regional and Professional Studies / ECU South West Research Centre




This work was originally exhibited at The 9 x 5" 2014 Art Auction, organized by Edith Cowan University and Art Partners, held at Edith Cowan University (Southwest campus) from 28 August to 17 September 2014. More information about Art Partners Available here


Research Background : This art work includes an extract from a poem written for my doctoral thesis which re-considers the Greek myth of Ariadne in view of ecocritical concepts and as a narrative of relationship breakdown and emotional abuse. It uses natural materials, including a dried lizard which perished in the sun, wax and crushed shell to highlight the significance of the natural world to the work. The subject of this part of the poem is abandonment, both in relationships and in nature.

Research Contribution : The work makes a contribution by entering in to the review of the Greek myth of Ariadne, which was subject of The Ariadne Project 2014, undertaken by ABC Radio National as a 360 documentary. This research reconsiders the Greek story in a contemporary context and is part of its ongoing evolution as a narrative in our culture.

Research Significance : This work is within the tradition of the Heidelberg School 9x5 impressionist exhibition. It is part of an exhibition of 80 works including artists with disability that were auctioned to arts professionals and community members on 19/9/14. This work was sold for $62, which was above the average price. It demonstrates the university's commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

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