The unknown eye: Physiology, phenomenology and photography

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Journal Article


Queensland Centre for Photography


School of Arts and Humanities


Gray, M. R. (2014). The unknown eye: Physiology, phenomenology and photography. In Garnons-Williams, V. (2014). Photography & fictions : Locating dynamics of practice. West End, Queensland: Queensland Centre for Photography.


What happens to photographic truth when it is thwarted, subverted, stretched and even outwitted? The photography presented in this book provides a range of responses and practices- from the blatant to the exquisitely subtle- and all in the name of fiction.

With full-colour images, Photography & Fiction: locating dynamics of practice illustrates and explains the latest issues and ingenious creativity involved in making pictures. The book is the consequence of a significant gathering of photographers, curators, and academics during the 5th Queensland Festival of Photography. Its themes include Fiction-as-Truth, deceptive photography, technology’s fictive potential, as well as the highly personal and inner worlds of human experience.

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