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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Hosseini Araghi, A., Khiadani, M., Lucas, G., (2015). Efficiency of a combined desalination and power system utilising a multi-stream heat exchanger. Paper presented at the 17th IAHR Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger, 7-11September 2015, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Proceeding of 17th IAHR, 2015. (pp. 41-50). Original articel Available from here


The aim of this study is to simplify the process of Discharge Thermal Energy Combined Desalination (DTECD) with Power System by integrating the two existing heat exchangers (condensers) into a new multi-stream one. This system is a heat recovery unit, which is used to cogenerate water and power. Two shell & tube condensers operate in a closed power cycle and a desalination system for cooling an ammonia mixture (70% wt.) as a working fluid and condensing a pure vapor respectively. Here, a multi-stream plate condenser is utilized instead of the two low exergy efficiency shell & tube condensers. The results proved that the proposed technique leads to improvement in the system performance. The performance of the proposed process was analyzed by applying parametric optimization.

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