Industrial relations

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Davies, K. (2014). Industrial relations. In Tanner, S. & Richardson, N. (Eds.), Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World (pp. 297-304). Melbourne, Oxford University Press. Original book chapter Available here


Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World has been designed to help students of journalism, on how to conduct complex investigations. It used to be that journalists made their job by asking people questions and writing down their answers to become the basis of tomorrow's stories. Increasingly, journalists need to interrogate data, to find out what matches, what doesn't fit, where the document trail leads. And then, most importantly, to make sense of the information itself. Data without context is useless: context without information is just background. Journalists need both to help media consumers understand what is going on. This book reveals the range of tools available to journalists that will enable them to locate data and make sense of it. It highlights numerous case studies and shows how data can be built into a story. It is, essentially, a book about developing journalism research skills that can be applied broadly.

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