Institutionalised moral reframing: A research based model on Islamic radicalisation on social media

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Conference Proceeding


School of Computer and Security Science / Security Research Institute


The Proceedings of [the] 8th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, held from the 30 November – 2 December, 2015 (pp. 66-74), Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus, Perth, Western Australia. Available here.


Institutionalised Moral Reframing is a new research model on Islamic radicalisation based on a longitudinal ethnographic research on social media. Prior to introducing the model, an overview of other radicalisation models will be presented with a brief overview of each. Critical to the Institutionalised Moral Reframing model is the concept of socialisation via an online institution of social media where an individual is isolated from competing discourses. The model uses two axis, a moral authority axis and a moral discourses axis. These two axis are mutually reinforcing and enable an individual to progress along stages in a context that includes multifactorial bubbles which encapsulate the many factors responsible for an individual’s radicalisation.



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