A classification of multi-point spectral sound shapes

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Journal Article


Australasian Computer Music Association


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




James, S. (2016). A classification of multi-point spectral sound shapes in the Sonic Environments Conference Proceedings. (pp. 57 - 64). Brisbane, Australia: Queensland Conservatorium. Available here


Previous research by the author has involved the investigation of sound shapes produced by the multipoint spatial diffusion of independent spectral bands. Fundamentally two implementations emerged through this research: one that primarily dealt with only the diffusion of spectra (i.e. spectral spatialisation) and another further extension of this approach that accounted for unique frequency-space distributions unfolding through time (i.e. timbre spatialisation implemented in the frequency domain). Through the process of exploring these possible sound shapes, a range of multi-point distributions emerged making it possible to form a categorical set of distinct multi-point distributions. The classifications were informed by the writings of Gary Kendall, Francis Rumsey, Robert Normandeau, Ewan Stefani, and Karen Lauke on spatiality, writings by Albert Bregman on auditory scene analysis (ASA), writings on directionality and immersion within the field of psychoacoustics, writings by Denis Smalley on spectromorphology, spatiomorphology, spatial texture, contiguous space, and non-contiguous space (i.e. zones), writings by Gary Kendall on spectral correlation and decorrelation, and writings by Trevor Wishart on spatial motion.

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