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Tehran University of Medical Sciences


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Deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan


Darawad, M. W., Hammad, S., Mosleh, S., Samarkandi, O. A., Hamdan-Mansour, A., Khalil, A. A., & Arabiat, D. (2017). Psychosocial correlates of diabetes self-management practices. Iranian Journal of Public Health, 46(6), 771-781.



Self-Management is a crucial regimen for patients with diabetes mellitus. Many factors have affected patients' self-management practice including psychosocial factors. Literature revealed contradictory results concerning the psychosocial correlates of patients' self-management practices. Therefore, this study assessed the psychosocial correlates of diabetes self-management practices among Jordanian diabetic patients.


A descriptive, cross-sectional, correlational design was utilized to collect data (conducted in the middle region of Jordan in 2015) from 341 Jordanian outpatients with diabetes using self-reported questionnaires (Social Support Scale, CES-D, and Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities) and chart review.


Participants reported practice rate of 2.85/ 7 (SD = 1.3), with diet practice the most (M = 3.66, SD = 1.5) and exercise the least (M = 1.53, SD = 2.1). Participants reported receiving social support (M = 3.23, SD = 1.3) less than needed (M = 3.39, SD = 1.3). High levels of depressive symptoms were reported (M = 17.1, SD = 11.4). Diet practices had significant positive correlation with family support attitude (r = .266, P = .000) and negative correlation with depressive symptoms (r = - .114, P = .037). Testing blood sugar significantly correlated with both support needed (r = .144, P = .008) and support received (r = .166, P = .002).


Jordanian DM patients were found to practice less than optimum DM self-management practices, and to consider diet practices than exercise practices. This study confirmed that the subcategories of DM self-care management should be considered rather than considering the general plan.

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